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You need to integrate a development partner located on a different continent in a development project ad hoc and establish secure data communication. Naturally you want only authorized persons to be able to receive your data. Your partner’s IT infrastructure, however, only allows data to be exchanged via the Internet.

With OpenDXM GlobalX as your secure data exchange portal, you can integrate your development partner very quickly. A powerful combination of state-of-the-art security methods is a standard feature of OpenDXM GlobalX, satisfying even the most demanding of requirements.

In addition, you can use OpenDXM GlobalX Remote FileVault to distribute and make data available in encrypted form “locally” anywhere in the world, while administration, authentication and logging of the transfer operations continue to be performed centrally at the server location. This means that any existing country-specific restrictions can be satisfied and the communication paths between local exchange partners and your company are shortened considerably, resulting in significant time savings and even greater stability during data transfer. At the same time, key security-relevant functions such as user authentication and data access continue to be managed and logged at the server location.

Quickly integrate development partners, utilize state-of-the-art security methods and always remain in control of your data.

Efficient use of a limited Internet infrastructure

You need to exchange large amounts of CAD data in the context of a development project, but unfortunately not all your development partners have reliable, state-of-the-art Internet connections.

OpenDXM GlobalX easily overcomes long Internet paths and slow connections thanks to the transfer protocol specially developed by PROSTEP that offers transfers rates that are two to three times faster than before.

The optimum parameters for data transfer are calibrated automatically. During transfer, OpenDXM GlobalX determines the optimum block size and number of threads and saves the settings for each connection. This ensures top performance during data transfer, especially when transferring large volumes of data.

Overcome long Internet paths faster and automatically enjoy top performance.

Traceable and versioned distribution of documents

You want to make bidding documents available to globally distributed providers. If changes are made to the documents, the new version needs to be distributed to all the providers. You also have to ensure that all the providers are informed of the new version.

OpenDXM GlobalX assumes responsibility for distributing the tender documents in a secure manner. The integrated function for carrying out notification by e-mail ensures that all the recipients are informed of changes to the documents.

Distribute and version documents worldwide automatically and securely in a traceable manner.

Secure exchange of confidential documents

Even highly confidential documents can be distributed via the Internet in an absolutely secure manner with the “end-user-to-end-user” encryption function. Before sending a document, an OpenDXM GlobalX user selects the receiver and “personal encryption” as the encryption method to be used. This means that the document can now only be downloaded by a person who is in possession of what is referred to as a “private key”. And this private key is stored in a password-protected keystore at the receiver’s location.

OpenDXM GlobalX creates, manages and distributes private keys in a secure manner with its PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) management system. It automatically generates private keys, for example directly on the user’s computer, manages all the data regarding expiration of the keys, and automatically informs users and administrators if a key has become invalid and needs to be replaced by a new key. If a PKI management system already exists, it can be integrated in OpenDXM GlobalX.

Transfer confidential documents securely using end-to-end encryption and take advantage of convenient key management.

Providing data to company sites and partners automatically

Do you want to provide different company sites or partners with data automatically? The OpenDXM GlobalX gateway and robot allow data to be transferred automatically in batch mode from a company site or partner to the OpenDXM GlobalX portal or vice versa.

The gateway is controlled by the OpenDXM GlobalX process engine, while the robot on the other hand is a separate application with an integrated scheduler. Both are installed at the respective location or partner and are either time controlled or controlled by a third-party system. Data transfer is, for example, performed when data is stored on a certain disk or directly from a PLM or ERP system (the latter requires an OpenDXM GlobalX integration component). If an OpenDXM GlobalX PLM integration component is used, fully-automatic standard data provision processes can be established that are triggered by PLM workflows, for example. This ensures that the data at your company sites and the data that your partners have available to them are always up to date.

Transfer data automatically and thus remain up to date – anywhere and anytime.


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