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OpenDXM GlobalX Global X GTW

OpenDXM GlobalX is a professional managed file transfer (MFT) solution for complex enterprise applications and offers you a number of unique advantages compared to conventional data exchange solutions.

Simple and easy to use
OpenDXM GlobalX runs in the web browser and is therefore easy to operate. There is no need to install software on the user’s computer.
The transfer of data between the portal and the user workstation is automated by means of an OpenDXM GlobalX agent (a Java application installed on a user’s computer), thus making it even easier to use.

Greater security when making data available and during data transfer
End-to-end data security from the time the data is uploaded to the portal through to when it transferred and downloaded by the user. The individual data packages are encrypted using a key of up to 4096 bits. Transfer of the data using a 128-bit encrypted HTTPS connection provides an additional level of security. This means that the data is always protected against unauthorized access and can only be accessed and used by authorized users.

Stable and fast transfer of large volumes of data
The HTTPS-based protocol specially developed by PROSTEP allows for the stable transfer of data even in the case of instable Internet connections: the data is transferred in blocks, thus ensuring that transfer processes that have been interrupted can be resumed at the same position at which they were interrupted.
In addition, the integrated multi-thread technology (parallel transfer of data via multiple channels) ensures that even extremely large amounts of data are transferred at rates two to three times faster than the transfer rates offered by conventional solutions.

Seamless integration in existing business processes and enterprise applications
OpenDXM GlobalX can be integrated seamlessly in existing business processes and enterprise applications. Standard software components are available for integration in Office , PLM (Teamcenter/Winchell/Enovia) and ERP systems.

Is there no integration package currently available for your system? No problem. OpenDXM GlobalX provides web service-based interfaces that allow it to be quickly integrated in your system.

Still skeptical of what we can do? Download a free trial or read some of our success stories.


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